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Carol Barry

was born in London and now lives in Sidcup Kent. Her father came from Brixham Devon so the family had many holidays in the West Country.
She always loved drawing and painting from an early age. Another of her hobbies was collecting Edwardian post cards. So by combining the two hobbies she began painting scenes using the postcards as a base and figures from her imagination.

Her work has now developed into a more contemporary style, capturing townscapes and figures that have energy and physicality.

The paintings are always in oil, very busy and colourful with lots of figures. Carole's work is very popular. She has had many exhibitions in art and craft shops and local galleries. She continues to exhibit in various venues and local art events. Carole is a member of Bromley art society. Her work has energy passion and people who have purchased her art say it makes them smile.

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