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Football Parlay Betting - How to Bet on Football Parlay Standard to Always Win

When it comes to football betting, very few people decide to participate in parlay bets because most Asian handicap bettors see parlay betting as too reckless and risky. So why don't they learn what football parlay betting is? To understand the method free vip betting tips and play scientifically. Let's explore with Wintips.

Definition of Football Parlay Betting

In regular football betting, the bookmakers offer three main types of bets for Asian handicap bettors to choose from: Asian Handicap, Asian Over/Under, and various other bets modified from these three previous bets such as corner kick betting, card betting, etc. Football parlay betting is a way to play multiple types of bets in one bet. If you don't understand, read our article on how to read football odds.

Understanding Football Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is known by many names, such as Parlay Betting, Combo Betting, etc. Participating in combination bets helps Asian handicap bettors to bet on many bets if they believe it has a good chance of winning. A normal parlay consists of 3 or more bets. If the bets you participate in win, the amount that Asian handicap bettors earn is enormous. Conversely, if they fail, they lose all. For the reasons mentioned above, it is clear that the odds of parlay betting are not for bettors with poor psychology, as football is a sport full of surprises. To play football parlay betting, Asian handicap bettors must first know how to calculate football betting odds.

How to Calculate Football Parlay Betting Odds

Although bookmakers offer many types of bets, Asian handicap bettors only need to pay attention to 3 main types of bets. These are types of odds that Asian handicap bettors love to bet on. The 1×2 odds will be easier to calculate parlay odds than Asian Handicap odds.

How to Place 1×2 Odds

Compared to Asian Handicap betting, 1×2 Odds betting is only important in the odds as follows: That is, Asian handicap bettors only need to choose the winning team and be rewarded for the odds. Therefore, the formula for calculating the cumulative odds is: odds 1 x odds 2 x ... X odds n.

How to Calculate Asian Handicap Odds

Because reading Asian Handicap and Over-Under odds is relatively complex, it will be more difficult to understand than 1×2 Odds. How to place Asian Handicap Parlays, Over-Under, and some other types:

If the bet wins, the multiplier is n times unlimited, so the odds generally only apply to not too large prizes.

Half of the formula is ((% half odds - 1) / 2) + 1.

For half-lose bets, this bet is fixed at half the odds of the bookmaker's betting manager.

General formula: Winning odds x (1 + (half-win odds - 1)/2) x 1/2 (half-lose odds) x 1 (draw odds) x ... X losing odds.

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Experience in football parlay betting

Football parlay betting experience is an area that many people choose to explore and gain knowledge from. Below are some experiences that I have compiled and sent to investors in Asian handicap betting. These tips help Asian handicap bettors differentiate and master the formulas of football parlay betting. There are only three main types of football parlay betting, and each type has very detailed and comprehensive guidelines, so you need to understand this section well to calculate the betting formulas correctly. So let's explore the following experiences together with Wintips.

Understanding rules and playing principles

Knowing the rules of football parlay betting, the rules when it comes to analyzing betting. In fact, everyone should know the rules and regulations of football parlay betting, not only in parlay betting but in any type of betting.

This is because the betting operators of parlay betting sites have various regulations for this form of football betting. Understanding these terms will surely help Asian handicap investors feel more confident when participating in football parlay betting. From there, Asian handicap investors can focus on their own analysis and research to win.

Accumulating knowledge

This is just a gamble, but to win, people need to continuously learn and enrich their knowledge. You should learn from experienced Asian handicap investors who have been playing for years. The articles in which there is very high quality about how to place football parlay bets and how to play.

Try betting on one match

If you have decided to place football parlay bets, investors should know that when all bets must win, it is not easy. Focus on the match, do not pay attention to extraneous developments.

Researching the situation of football teams

To make accurate predictions, you need to closely monitor the up-to-date situation about football and bookmakers. In addition, you should also thoroughly understand the odds you intend to place, thus increasing the percentage of winning.

Moreover, you should also learn about playing mistakes, playing tactics of each club, the relative strength between football teams to make the best parlay betting decisions.

Thorough research on announcements about football teams will help you win more easily

Avoid overly broad parlay betting

For novice parlay bettors, it is quite difficult to participate. If you are not sure, you can easily make wrong decisions leading to losing bets. Therefore, absolutely do not place too broad parlay bets because the difficulty will increase with the number of parlay bets. An advice from experts is to bet on matches that you understand all announcements, firmly bring high winning rates.


Above, Wintips has provided you with useful information dark web betting tips app about football parlay betting. This article helps investors to bet confidently and increase their chances of winning. Hopefully, with the knowledge we have shared, investors can play more easily. If you like this article from Wintips, then surely investors will also like our articles.


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